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Die Ökumenische Philippinenkonferenz

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The Ecumenical Philippine Conference (»ÖPK«) is a loose network of Filipin@s and Germans of different denominations as well as representatives of aid agencies and church organisations. The ÖPK concerns itself intensively with the current political, economic, social and cultural situation in the Philippines and engages itself critically with this.

This forum was founded over 30 years ago on the initiative of the church groups in the Philippines during the time of the Marcos dictatorship. They sent an appeal for help to the world public in order to call attention to the oppressive situation in their country, most specially on the violation of human rights.

In autumn of every year since 1985, the Philippine community in Germany and other interested parties have been coming together for this conference. Common concerns and activities involving solidarity work from an ecumenical perspective between the Philippines and Germany bring together professionals and volunteers from different initiatives and groups, religious orders, and mission and aid groups to an engaging and productive exchange, cultural encounter, and liturgical celebration.

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